Mission and Goals


The Wamego Public Library enriches lives, promotes literacy, and builds community by bringing together people, information and ideas.

Code of Service

Library patrons of all ages will find easily accessible library materials in a clean, safe, organized environment staffed with courteous people.

All visitors, whether in person, on the phone or online, will be welcomed, graciously and impartially, without discrimination.

Prompt, helpful service to the public will take precedence over the library staff’s internal assignments and interpersonal communications.

All information shared with library patrons will be based on reliable, current resources, and delivered in an appropriate manner.

2014 Wamego Public Library Goals

Provide compelling collections that are convenient for patrons to access, browse, and enjoy.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive inventory of all collections to assess inventory.
  2. Grow and curate a current and relevant graphic novel collection, using C. Michael Hall’s formula of 1/3 manga, 1/3 “Big Two” Superheroes, and 1/3 independent novels.
  3. Reorganize adult fiction collection into sections based on genre (mystery, romance, inspirational, and western.)
  4. Create an easily accessible Parent Resource section, by combining all parent resource titles into one collection located in the children’s library.

Expand patrons’ access to and use of digital resources.

  1. Provide monetary support to the State Library to increase digital library collections.
  2. Join Sunflower eLibrary Consortium to provide a wider variety of digital ebooks, audiobooks, and movies to our patrons, as well as providing access to digital content for Kindle users.
  3. Begin offering ereaders and/or tablets for patron checkout.
  4. Convert our newspaper microfilm collection into a digital format that will be made available as an online, searchable database.
  5. Explore grant opportunities to help fund the microfilm digitization project.

Be creative and forward-thinking in the use of current technologies in order to improve delivery of library services to the community.

  1. Incorporate tablets into daily use for reference services, circulation services, credit card transactions, program registrations, storytime music, inventory, etc.
  2. Locate and contact authors who will provide book talks via Skype.
  3. Explore the use of open source computer management software (i.e. Libki.)

Continue to provide a variety of quality classes, workshops, and programs for all ages, while adapting content and structure to meet the needs of our community.

  1. Continue to provide regular classes and workshops for adults, including book clubs, arts & crafts workshops, and one-on-one computer and technology instruction.
  2. Restructure Summer Reading program to offer a greater variety of class options (i.e. time of day, ages.) and improve weekly Summer Reading incentives according to user feedback.
  3. Expand youth class offerings and incorporate S.T.E.M. concepts into programming, including starting an afterschool LEGO club, using technology in storytimes, and offering programs for homeschoolers.

Maintain a high-quality Library Staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient; as well as a professional and active Board of Trustees.

  1. Provide and encourage opportunities for training and professional development for all staff and board members.
  2. Provide a staff development day focused on training, education, and team-building.
  3. Continue to explore options for providing health insurance to full-time staff members.
  4. Create a board handbook to help guide both new and experienced board members.
  5. Encourage each staff member to attend at least one board meeting per year.

Continue progress on library addition/expansion building project.

  1. Work cooperatively with the City of Wamego.
  2. Work cooperatively with the Friends of the Library Organization to develop fundraisers.
  3. Explore additional funding options.




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